It’s amazing to be back !

Things are changing quickly but the base never changes : let’s talk about love.

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Ladies and not ladies,

It was just incredible ! We are back on the game and all of this is only possible because you were there.

I always loved street shows. For me, it’s just the best challenge ever for an artist. If you’re not good enough, people won’t pay after watching you.

But we’re not only talking about performance.

To understand a street show, we really need to talk about love, energy and having fun.

If you enjoy your moment as an artist, if you have fun when you talk with the audience, if you really love being in front of people, they will feel it and at this moment, the magic happens.

I am 35 years old. I worked with Cirque du Soleil, Disney. I travelled around the world and it was never alike presenting a show in the streets.

The hardest is that producers and companies don’t see street shows like a real artistic job. Unfortunately, so do some people.

But today was really special ! I was afraid… Paris is the hardest city to work on the planet. Let me explain: people don’t have time. They are there to see the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacré Coeur…

Street shows is a tradition. And when you choose to work in, you can’t stop because it’s revolutionary, it frees you and you can talk directly with people.

Your feelings, your sensations, your fears… All of this is just possible when the audience is with us.

And when you’re a passionate, no matter how many people are in front of you, because if one person is watching, the show must go on.

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Just to give you an example of how crazy life is : today we started the show with 2 people in the audience : a father and his little girl. They were so excited and for me I was just like “Man, this will be my best show ever !”. In the end, we did our best hat of the day. One lady put 50€ in it !

Of course money is good and when you work, money will come to you. But seeing these people laughing, applauding and being happy… This is the best gift ever !

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If you’re an artist and you want to try to work in the streets, remember these words :

  • work strong ;
  • believe in yourself ;
  • be serious;
  • respect the audience;
  • be crazy ;
  • show who you are ;
  • don’t be shy (share your secrets) ;
  • work ;
  • work again ;
  • work again, again and again ;
  • enjoy !

I am like a kid and now I am counting the minutes, seconds to come back.

Thanks for making this happens. I love you. ❤️

The Brazilian Clown Raulitto 🤡🇧🇷

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