Je n’accepte plus de travailler gratos

Je suis ce type de personne que vis jusqu’au bout ses convictions. Si mon cœur dit non, alors sera non

Récemment la production de l’émission américaine AMERICA’S GOT TALENT (Incroyable Talent américain), m’a contacté pour annoncer ma participation dans leur show.

Comme tout artiste qui cherche une reconnaissance, cela peut être vue comme “l’opportunité des rêves”.

Quand j’ai mentionné que l’émission allemande m’avait payé 1200€ pour ma performance, j’ai reçu ceci :

Après plusieurs mails, c’était à moi de démarrer la demande mais aussi d’avancer la somme pour obtenir un visa de travail.

Après rentrer d’une séance super fatigante des jambes et rester 2h26 pour remplir un formulaire plus que chiant, j’ai les envoyé un lien pour effectuer le paiement du visa.

La réponse était : notre politique est de ne pas avancer de l’argent pour les participants.

Devant ce message, mon mode FUCKYOURMOTHER était grave allumé.

De cette façon, j’ai les envoyé l’email suivant :



Milho Baunilha Le Clown Brésilien
qua 21/02/20
18Para: Kayla

finished this papers just now 3am (Paris time) I’m sooo tired and tomorrow morning I have a very strong Chinese pole training. I really need to sleep.

You can see with your office how you can and want. I’ll be here if you have some news.

I know that you have a policy to work but I have my policy too.

Every mail I saw that isn’t guarantee that I’ll be in the show. Pay the visa is not guarantee to entry in USA and be in the show.

Look, of course that do a TV show is very nice and good to my career but, before all this things I’m a professional. I did 3 GOT TALENTS. My performance in SPAIN have now 1 million views. In Germany, 700.000!!! So for real, I have a lot of publicity. Now I want to win money.

All my life, I’m in the workouts : ballet, circus, gym…

I invest and invest every day my money and time to be a perfect artist.

I really don’t like to work for free. You can say that this is the game and your show is like this and you have 16 millions views per episode. So, somebody are winning money and isn’t me. I know that a lot of artists want and can do everything to be in your show.

I saw in the contract that the production will choice in advance the acts that will to the next step of the show.

So, I want some guarantees because I’m not a big star but I value my image, work, job. I know what I pass to arrive here. I value my history.

I don’t want to travel to the United States without guarantees ! I don’t will advance money ! I want to come to the second part of the show to present my Chinese pole act !

Sorry but you need to change songs of my performance and this is not my choice. All the changes have a price because imagine some shits happened ? Is my image on the stage!!!

In Germany, they payed me 1200€ to my performance. I want the same to present my act in your show.

Of course payment just after perform.

I’m changing my mind because (to be clear) :

– no guarantees with a professional artist
– need to pay my visa (advance money to work)
– work for free without guarantees to be in the show; entry in USA.
– do the visa papers by myself and lose 2h26 minutes.
– pay a extra calls to USA (advance money)
– lack of communication with any member of the production by telephone (losing my time to call without answers)

Every day I read the casting pages. Every time I sad that I can’t understand how artists accept to work for free to big artists. I’m doing the same thing which I criticize.

So, I’m not being honest with my honor.

I know how is hard to be artist. In the end of my travel, I’ll have some beautiful images. Nice! What will I eat?

The “big contract” want to use my image forever. I think that 1200€ is a good price for this.

I hope you understand but I’m fighting every day and your old proposal are not good for me, my career, my self, honor, life.

If you change your conditions, contract, I’ll be here.

If no, I wish you the best and a wonderful show.

Thanks in advance for your attention.

Raúl, Lê Clown Brésilien
President de l’Association Clowns pour Tous et créateur de la performance Brazilian Striptease

Valorise ton travail et tes investissements cotidiens.

Si tes un vrai artist, tu sera d’accord avec moi que les grandes entreprises profitent de nous.

Chaque fois qu’on accepte ce type de boulot, on est en train de fortifier le côté oppresseur.

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